Monday, October 5, 2009



I recently finished up M. Bison! He is in much need of posing and a scene etc.. but I decided to go this far with it for now, and hopefully I will get around to rigging him later. I would like to get that smirk back on his face :).



hectorpadial said...

Dude you are sick man...this art is like by far a master piece man! Have you contacted CAPCOM with these i mean you should exploit your talents to them. You should do him with this new model doin his signature cut throat pose after a win like that of SF2...maybe one of him doin a Knee press or one of him charging or ready to do a Psycho crusher. Are these figures or statues that maybe i could i said you could def pitch this to capcom and maybe do a statue figurine cause your guile is sick too. keep up the good work

Mohammad.Modarres said...

hey Mike,this is by far is most interesting model i ever seen,great job on detailing ,silhouettes,sculpting and texturing
very inspiring

macheteArt said...

great 3D version of mr bison !!! congrats