Monday, January 31, 2011

Air Man, 31, and things

A few things that have been happening lately. I was busy all January with Epic work which ended a few days ago.

A few days ago I turned 31! The 1 is a spear with a little barb on it to make sure I know I'm in my 30's.... If last year I had any doubt. :)

I didn't get time to really celebrate, especially during this weekend, because I've been working away in my free time on a submission for the Udon Mega Man Tribute book. I was inspired to do an Airman. He's a character that is cool and really stands out. Even though my favorite character is Metal Man. Mega Man 2 is my favorite of the series and I've beaten it countless times. Infact I should go play through it again!!!

Latest Air Man Images
He will be updated eventually. I have not had the time to put everything I want into the image or the model. His back has a flathead engine and some wings. I would like to take him a little further


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