Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guile/Bison - GamePro

The article is at and touches on the Guile/Bison characters.

A larger article with more details on my thoughts and process will be in an upcoming GamePro magazine. I talk about the struggle of taking iconic characters from one style and trying to make them work in another. etc...

-Click Here for Article-

Thursday, November 5, 2009

UDK is out.

UDK has now launched. The Toolset that is used for creating Gears of War etc... is now available in the same way it was when it came with games like UT3, only now there is no purchase necessary. You can just download it! Its updated since UT3 ofcourse, and there is also options available for developement now.

Check it out here:

Monday, October 5, 2009



I recently finished up M. Bison! He is in much need of posing and a scene etc.. but I decided to go this far with it for now, and hopefully I will get around to rigging him later. I would like to get that smirk back on his face :).


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steelcase Leap Chair - Office Task Chair

A few months ago i bought a Steelcase Leap Chair. First a little background: I have looked into office equipment and ergonomic solutions for a long time, and the typical top 3 chairs were always Herman Miller Aeron, Humanscale Freedom, and Steelcase Leap. My experience and opinions lead me to thinking that the Leap Chair would probably be the best solution for me for a few key reasons-- despite the fact that in a quick overview it appears to be the most expensive yet cheapest looking of the bunch. I never had the chance to try one out until i found a shop that sells them locally in Raliegh NC.

Now that i've had the chair for a few months i can say that it is working out quite nicely. I consider the chair to be a (near) perfect chair for me because of how highly adjustable it is. In looking around at chairs you will probably notice right away that the big focus is usually on the back. This is important as your back is a big part of your health, especially in the long run. But for me i personally care equally as much, if not more, right now in the arms. Depending on your build it may be easier for you to find a chair cheap->expensive that has decent back support, but it may be nearly impossible to find a chair with arms that fit a large range of comforts. Below i've gone over a few of the chairs features.

Arms: The chair comes stock with a fully adjustable set of (modified) "t-style" arms. Key things are:
1. The arms go down and up beyond any level you'd care for! In fact they go so low that they are just above the seat. This is especially good if you like to put pads over the top (see pics and information below)
2. The arms top slide towards your body. This is a rare feature as most highly adjustable chairs will have arms that pivot, but do not "slide" left and right. For some of you this may be a great feature as you may have been looking for a chair with arms that can come close to your side so your arm is not sitting way out to the side.
3. Adjustable sliding forward and back. The tops also move forward and back along the body. Yet another pretty rare feature.

Back: The lumbar support is quite adjustable and is probably the first thing to stand out when you sit down. Everybody notices how different the lumbar feels. Its quite sturdy but has enough play in it to feel nice and comfortable. You should look at pictures of the back on their web site to see how it functions. It has this sort of fake-vertebrae look to it that flexes.

Seat: The seat moves forward and back unlike some other high-end task chairs. I really like this since its quite proper to move the seat to the point where the cushion is some-what close to (but not touching) the back of your legs/knees. And given that i'm about 6ft 1 i'm dependent on the build of the chair. Many high end task chairs seem to have smaller and thinner pads. The Leap Chairs pad could have more motion imo. I have it set all the way forward.

And ofcourse the chair can go up and down and the back can be set to be lax or more rigid. And i believe you can play with the tension. In fact i heard that it is set up so that as you lean back the seat moves up a bit so your eyes can stay level. I keep mine upright and set in place.

I urge anybody to find a place that sells them locally (if you can) and try it out before buying. I found mine at Healthy Back. I not only got to try out the fabric, leather, and stool versions of the chair but i also tried out the aforementioned chairs at the same time. I also brought my Perflex Gel Pads in to see if they fit - And they do! I use them on every computer setup and highly recommend them. They fit nicely (but tightly i might add) onto the arms and given that the arms can adjust well beyond my needs i can easily compensate for the extra 1/2 inch the pads put on them. The Healthy Back employees were knowledgeable about the chair.

- Heavily Adjustable across the entire chair
- Very sturdy/quality build.
- Sleak and simple design

-Price: You don't want to know.
-Arms: When i was at the store i noticed that the stool versions arm tops were loose. They moved around too easily. My only real worry with my chair is that over time the arms will become more and more loose. Right now it takes a bit of pressure to move them so that the frequency of re-adjusting them back is pretty low. If it gets to a point where they are floating around easily i will have to contact Steelcase about it and see what can be done.
- Some people might not care for how short the back is (though you can get head rests to attach) and how thin the padding is.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dominance War IV Finals Posted / Judging

I had the honor of being a primary (and final) judge in Dominance War IV. It was a difficult yet fun task that included cutting over 600 entries down to 75 with a couple of other artists. Then after that i put my top 15 in order and wrote some comments about the entries. Since i have been in past Domwars i took this on with a certain level of seriousness, constantly weighing out why one was better than another. I cut all 75 thumbnails into pieces using Image Ready and then ordered them by dragging them around in Dreamweaver, and using the built in Contrast/Brightness tools to darking ones i didn't go for to help focus things down to the final 15.

Check out the final entries and judging ---here---

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Achron and Time Travel

Recently i had the pleasure of watching the creators of Achron speak about Time Travel in games (and other mediums). They are local here in NC and come straight out of NCSU. Achron is an RTS game that uses a Time Travel mechanic in a multiplayer setting. Players have a limited resource to spend on going back in time to alter it (sending units and change events) which then propogates those changes as waves moving ~2x's real-time to the present. I reccomend watching the video on it :).
Sadly there are no 1982 Deloreon units..... or barn buildings, at this time. :)

Achron Game

Saturday, May 2, 2009

GDC 2009 Complete

This years GDC was one i was waiting for for ages. There was so much going on that it was very hard figure out what to do with my time. I met artists i had wanted to meet for ages, epic fans, and saw my friend win 2 IGF awards for Cortex Command. This year i sculpted at the Dominance War Booth along with other artists i admire which was good fun. Pictures can be seen here: DW Booth Pics

Highlights included:
Dominance War Booth Dinner
IGF Awards
Art Direction - Horror in Deadspace
Art of Brutal Legend

Friday, March 20, 2009

GDC 2009!

It is here! GDC 2009 is just around the corner. I look forward to a fun and educational week. I will be doing a quick zbrush sculpting demo on the Expo floor at the Dominance War Booth. Other great artists will be doing demos throughout the GDC as well. The DW booth is sponsored by Pixologic and Wacom and will feature people demoing Zbrush with a Cintiq. There will also be a Dominance War gallery, so i hear. Also a cool Polycount/ get-together hopefully sometime during the week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

M. Bison Places 2nd!

M.Bison landed in a close 2nd place in the mini competition with 829 vs the 1st place winner with 863 votes.

I voted the win for the guy who got it - his presentation is great and you get a sense that he is challenging you, the viewer. I'm always a fan of that sense of immersion. There were some great entries and the total reaching just over 100! Link is below for the entries.

-The Verdict-

Saturday, February 21, 2009

M.Bison Bust

I "completed" and submitted an M.Bison bust for the Street Fighter Bust Mini Competition at Game Artisans. I felt inspired to go as a far as i did (with the time i had) but hope to get time to perhaps complete him in full detail in the future.

Bison is a cool character, dispite having bad memories of losing to him :). I really liked the original take on Bison from Shadaloo, being an older heavy-set asiatic man rather than the later young watered-down Henry Rollins (no offense) Bison. I went with a sort-of Chinese Pagoda/Pavillion theme for his garb/plated armor. I listened to much Fear Factory while modeling.

The character was created flying by the seat of my pants for the most part. Images can be found below.

-M.Bison Images-

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guile on

Guile has hit's Gaming section with links to the Game Artisans Gallery.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kotaku post!

Guile plus the mini sculpting SF competition hit Kotaku Today. It came to my attention by way of an email from somebody sent at the office who didn't know i had done it :). It would be cool to have a link to the story and all that. But i'm not complaining! link below.>StreetFighter

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Guile has been posted over at Capcom Unity along with the SF mini comp.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Guile Posted

Guile has been posted!

I would still like to do more renders in poses and scenes etc... I don't see getting around to that any time soon though. Also creating a 15k tri 4096 game version of him would be cool too.

I look forward to checking out SF4 when it is released.

I am currently working on a quicky M.Bison bust for a mini competition surrounding the release.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Years Update. - its 2009! -

It is already February! Where does the time go!?

I have listed up some new resolutions for the year including attempting Dominance War 4 and also posting on my blog more often. Which is obviously going splendid!

2009 Events!:

Dominance War 4

GDC 2009 - Iincluding an awesome talk about Epics character pipeline by Chris Wells as well as many other cool Epic talks.

E3 2009 - It looks like E3 will be full blown this year.

I'm also looking forward to things like a new Zbrush coming out