Monday, January 31, 2011

Air Man, 31, and things

A few things that have been happening lately. I was busy all January with Epic work which ended a few days ago.

A few days ago I turned 31! The 1 is a spear with a little barb on it to make sure I know I'm in my 30's.... If last year I had any doubt. :)

I didn't get time to really celebrate, especially during this weekend, because I've been working away in my free time on a submission for the Udon Mega Man Tribute book. I was inspired to do an Airman. He's a character that is cool and really stands out. Even though my favorite character is Metal Man. Mega Man 2 is my favorite of the series and I've beaten it countless times. Infact I should go play through it again!!!

Latest Air Man Images
He will be updated eventually. I have not had the time to put everything I want into the image or the model. His back has a flathead engine and some wings. I would like to take him a little further

Its been awhile!

Wow its been a long time since I've posted!

I went home for Christmas. This included Portland at my brothers place and then my home town in California. Leading up to Christmas I worked on a piece for my brother/wife/daughter. My brothers wife is pregnant and so I sculpted up a piece and had it printed by Offload Studios. You can see it here:

Apple Sculpt and Print

It was very fragile and came in pieces. 2 Leaves and the Apple. I had to hollow out the apple and separate the pieces. When I got it I had to take it with me on the plane in a box covered in "Fragile" logos. It looked.... bad. A lady actually switched seats on one of the flights. But I wasn't going to let anybody touch it.

We had to assemble it with glue. It does stand on its own with out any help, which is nice.

The print process was pretty grueling and taxed my machine heavily. Hollowing it out after the fact was hard to do. The big thing I wanted to do was have high res texture maps baked into it at print which Offload does. That process was tough and I think UV Master for Zbrush helped save me, even though the hand-paint-seams function seemed totally broken. In the end the final result was great. The piece feels solid and has a "grain" to it that really ads to it.