Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ergonomic Keyboard Arm/Tray installed

I modified my metal/glass desk to have a board running between the 2 metal bars so that i could screw down a highly adjustable keyboard arm and tray.

The ergonomic keyboard setups can be purchased --here--
I recommended them regardless of the price. They are quite versatile and a nice quality.

<-- Click Image

Work Setup:

AM-19 Arm: Very long! It has been working great so far, but probably doesn't fit on many desks.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray: This tray works great and is very large.
Home Setup:
Dual Swivel Arm: Expenive but will move tray in just about every way you would ever need. Tilts, Swivels, Lifts, Glides.

Mouse Forward Keyboard Tray: This board has a nice mouse forward feature (same with ergo) that i recommend. You should not be extending your arm very far while mousing. Arm shoudl be at a 90deg. This tray is pretty short in length though and just barely fits what i need. The Ergo Keyboard Board seems to be better for this.

They trays often come with little walls mounted into the back which are easily removed (they get in the way) also the pads are sold separatly - Do not rest your wrist!

Also, my LANCER!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guile Style

I am currently working (slowly) on a Guile character. Guile was my favorite SF2 character growing up and i used to draw him often.

Liberties will be taken with the characters design/look although much is going into research such as Air Force dog tags, AF Hair spray, and combs etc... Thank you Wikipedia! :)

Guile Wikipedia

News Backlog

11.07.08:: Gears of War 2 Launches! Metacritic

11.03.08:: IGDA meeting "Getting into the Game Industry" / Gears 2 Launch -flier-

IGDA meeting went well. Panel discussed how to break into the industry. Part of the panel was The Escapist Magazine which is local to Raliegh NC. I did an interview with them that will never be used :). Meeting featured a Panel, Gears 2 launch tournament, Beer, and bright eyed students.

07.31.08: Started work at Epic Games as a Character artist. Moved over to North Carolina. -Company Photo- very middle :)

06.28.08:: Ruhtz places 5th in Dominance War III -link-

Pseudo-Blog created!

This is the start of my *gulp* "Blog". The point of this blog is to showcase updates to my art website :: :: while also logging major events. will continue to be my primary site as i believe a picture is worth a thousand words. I also think the site shouldn't be cluttered with tedius information.

This blog will contain the major events and information, for now.

p.s. I ate hard boiled eggs today, and they were good. Plus i don't own a TV. BWAAAAHHH! :)